Valley Light Building Project Update

Published: October 5, 2020

Has your year gone as expected? Ours certainly hasn’t! The environment 2020 has created is filled with unfathomable pivoting and deep challenges, especially trying to navigate a large building project in another country.

While we have dealt with no shortage of challenges, we are THRILLED to say we are BACK ON TRACK! Our construction team regrouped last Thursday and they are ready to get back to work building this purpose-built safe home for 30+ children in Mai Mahui, Kenya!

Our US team is headed to Kenya in a month with our project manager from Third Lens Ministries and we will be doing a site inspection and holding multiple meetings on the construction built out-schedule as well as going over the design plans. It will be all hands on deck as we ramp back up to see this project gain momentum and BRING THESE PRECIOUS KIDS HOME!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate these extraordinary times together!

You can help see this project completed and give to the Valley Light Building Project!





The tall security wall has been completed and the solar electric fence and solar lights have been installed. Both have been tested and are in perfect working order providing additional layers of security at the home’s new site. Being powered by the sun provides a long term solution that will cut down on electrical expenses going forward! Your giving is making these important steps possible!

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