Bravo Just One Africa!

Published: May 5, 2016

This update from our partner, Dorcus:

“The vegetable kitchen garden is amazing; full of spinach, kales, Irish potatoes, carrots, and beet root. It has reduced the budget of the green vegetables that we used to buy from the market and in addition we are selling the greens to the community which in return we can buy other foods. The garden has become an income generating project.  We have also harvested maize from the school garden which we are using to cook Githeri and Ugali for the children in the school and also in the rescue center. All this has been possible because of the borehole you sunk for us. BRAVO JUST ONE AFRICA for your amazing project in Lenkai. Regards to you all!”

Who doesn’t love great news!! The harvest continues to come in and we love all the pictures and feedback from southern Kenya at Lenkai Christian School. Food for the school children and rescue center is abundant and growing healthy. The overflow is blessing the community, making it a win, win!

Thank you, to all of our donors, for your support in making this happen!

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