Change Lives Today with Just One
Just One Africa believes in partnering with local leaders

Just One Africa was founded with the belief that it takes JUST ONE person to make a difference and JUST ONE person is worth making a difference for. Our efforts are focused in Kenya as we partner with local leaders who care for vulnerable children on sustainability initiatives and clean water solutions. We believe in empowering, equipping, and educating local leaders in ways that evoke transformation and long-term impact.

Access to clean water means life and our efforts are two-fold with empowerment and education leading the way. We work hard to develop good relationships with the communities we serve, building a solid foundation for the future. After receiving training on sanitation, hygiene, and the water filter, they can continue forward using the knowledge and understanding in keeping their family safe and healthy. Our local follow up team returns to the areas we distribute filters and continues building relationships, collecting important data, and troubleshooting any challenges. This allows us to make a greater impact as other important issues are discussed like the education of girls, alternative rites of passage, and child marriage.

The need for clean water is country wide and many areas hit hard with life-threatening water-borne diseases are still suffering greatly. It is estimated that 783 million people around the globe do not have access to clean water; 37% of whom are people living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Unclean water and insufficient sanitation are two major factors contributing to childhood malnutrition, which is responsible for the deaths of nearly 2,000 children a day. It is imperative that work is done to improve the lives of these children. We have an answer and a sustainable solution that can change the story for thousands of people, we just need YOU!

Our Clean Water Program trains people on life-saving water filters that are just $65 and capable of filtering one million gallons of safe, clean water. Through the continued support and funding of our programs, we have distributed 4,705 water filters, provided 117,625 people with access to clean water, and helped to restore 63 different communities in Kenya. There are many more families waiting, YOU can make a difference today! Your support can play an instrumental role in saving lives!

We are proud to say that 100% of the proceeds from our fair trade, handmade African jewelry store ( go directly to our programs – and 90% of each donation. There are also a number of other ways you can help support our organization to facilitate the distribution of clean water transforming communities from the inside out.

As a nonprofit organization, we know how impactful Just One act of generosity can be. But, we also know how impactful Just One act of many individuals can be!  You can even increase your donation from the convenience of your computer or mobile phone by setting up a fundraising page on Facebook. The whole set up can be completed in just a few minutes, and may greatly increase the size of your contribution by tapping into a network of millions of people around the globe. If your birthday is coming up, Facebook will even donate $5 to any nonprofit of your choice to help you get started. With technology’s tools at your disposal, you can play a vital role in changing lives. All it takes is Just One action! For more information check out our homepage or follow along on social media to see updates on trips and local opportunities!

Thank you for saying yes!

Changing the world. ONE person at a time…


Your support can change the world

Together, we will create hope, re-write futures and change the world.

ONE person at a time.


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