Four years ago today (on 3/29/12), our lives changed forever as we know it. We flew across the ocean to Kenya for the first time and had the opportunity to love and serve others meaningfully. In the process, we found a part of our hearts come alive and knew that it wouldn’t be the last time we would step on Kenyan soil.

On that first trip, we met our extraordinary local leaders, Phoebe and John, and Dorcus, while we were there serving. We met Magdalene, the grandmother of the young baby (James) who was dying due to a waterborne disease (This launched our Clean Water Program.)  We opened up our hearts to the broken and beautiful and found our own brokenness was no different. We all need love, hope, and the understanding that we are valuable and our lives are created for a purpose, on purpose.

Meeting orphaned and vulnerable children, all with names and stories, with futures that hung in the balance (This launched our Sustainability Programs.)  Fathers, mothers, and children all with dreams, ideas, and a strong will to live and to make an even better life for their families.

Kenya is a beautiful country, full of unique animals and stunning landscapes, growing communities of people with the biggest smiles, cups full of Chai, incredible hospitality, and the warmest handshakes and hugs. Traffic that looks like cars and buses but also cattle and zebras. Children around every corner quickly break out into smiles and wave when you greet them. We could go on and on about everything we are learning there…

So much has happened in the past four years, and we are very thankful for the opportunity to go and learn as we focus on helping in the right ways. We are taking time to build relationships that are growing stronger every year and creating incredible impact for communities alongside our passionate local leaders.

Changing the world for JUST ONE person is significant, and as we continue to focus on that goal, we will find countless lives that will also be impacted and changed.  Join us in 2016, and let’s keep focused on changing the world JUST ONE at a time.