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Local Leaders

Partnering with local leaders opens the door to a deeper level of holistic care. Local leaders know their communities and can best serve their needs through appropriate cultural and relational interventions. Each of these leaders has been in the Just One Africa family for over a decade and is committed to seeing through the mission and vision of the organization. We know you will be inspired by their story just as we are.

hope beyond & lenkai christian school

John and Dorcus Parit are the founders of Lenkai Christian School, based in the Kimana area of southern Kenya. This private Christian school was founded in 2013 and now has over 400+ students, ranging from Pre-School to Class 10 in High School. The Parit’s vision is to offer holistic education to the children in their local community, developing their potential while molding them into future leaders.

They are also the founders of Hope Beyond Transitional Center, which cares for children from vulnerable situations such as (FGM) female genital mutilation, child marriage, child neglect, forced labor, human trafficking, and other abusive realities.

The Center also offers non-residential support to orphans and other needy cases, such as Albinism, within the neighboring community. Hope Beyond provides trauma therapy and counseling for these precious children.

John is the African Director of The Olive Branch Mission, a US and Kenyan-registered nonprofit with many diverse projects in Kenya. John received his Master’s Degree in International Management through the University of Liverpool.

Dorcus is the Director of Lenkai Christian School and Hope Beyond Center. She regularly volunteers and helps coordinate water filter distribution in the community. The Clean Water Program has seen the distribution of over 5,000 water filters to various communities within a 200-kilometer radius of the school with tremendous success and significant impact.

Dorcus is also an active local, national, and global leader. She sits on regional and national committees that fight for the rights of women and children while advocating against FGM and other forms of child abuse. She is passionate about empowering women and providing them with sustainability opportunities.

In addition to all the children they help raise, they have five exceptional children: three girls and two boys.

John & Dorcus Parit

Hope Beyond founders

John and Dorcus Parit are the founders of Lenkai Christian School, situated in the heart of Maasai Land at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in southern Kenya. Lenkai is a school that was founded under a strong Christian foundation in 2013. It has offered educational services to the local Maasai people with the aim of transforming the lives of the community surrounding the school. The school is committed to offering high-quality education.  The school is at its capacity with 300 students ranging from baby class to grade 8.

The Parits also run the Lenkai Rescue Center caring for over 50 children who have been exposed to early marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM,) and others whose parents were unable to offer parental care from the Maasai community.

In 2015, Just One Africa partnered with Lenkai to build a large multi-purpose building used for dining, musical productions, and community development seminars. It can also be rented out, bringing additional income to the school to cover other expenses. Just One Africa has also partnered with Lenkai to build a kitchen for the school lunch program and to prepare the meals for the rescue center. Another goal of the kitchen was to launch a bakery, which will bake bread for the students and rescue center children, to provide additional loaves to be sold for sustainable income for the school, and to provide jobs for a few local workers. One of the most recent, exciting initiatives is the drilling of a borehole as a reliable water source for them to use in agriculture, instituting other income-generating activities, and giving clean water to the students and kitchen for food preparation. This borehole will be a catalyst for bringing sustainability to Lenkai for years to come!

VISION:  To be the center of excellence in providing quality education that ensures the holistic development of each child.

MISSION:  We are committed to providing the best possible Godly atmosphere conducive for learning growth and development of each child to their full potential.

PHILOSOPHY:  Train up a child in the way he should go and when he or she is old he or she will never depart from it.

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Children at Lenkai Christian School: 400+

Children at Hope Beyond Rescue Center: 37

Community Development Center for Enrichment and Education

Community Education and Awareness to stop FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and Early Childhood Marriage.

Recycled Paper Bead Program – Providing education, income, and clean water Read More


“I have gone through a rough childhood and a horrible experience before getting to Hope. I have been able to heal and let go of the past because I have found a very welcoming space at Hope and Lenkai” – Lucy

Our partners at Hope Beyond Transitional Center and Lenkai Christian School have ensured that every child is treated with the utmost respect and consideration of their background. Their staff has undergone trauma-informed training to ensure they respect and nurture the emotions of those in their care. This training has had a giant impact in Lucy’s* life a student at the school.

When Lucy was first admitted to Hope Beyond & Lenkai, she was a closed-off girl. Anyone could tell she didn’t trust others, and she was very fearful. She was withdrawn. At times she would stare into the unknown, probably recounting the harsh ordeal she had gone through.

Thankfully, with the help of counselors and the trauma-informed staff at Lenkai Christian School, Lucy has seen considerable life-transforming changes…

Thank you for giving so that students like Lucy can thrive in a safe and loving environment. Because of you, the important needs of rescued children can be met and these students can focus on their education and healing, rather than survival.

*Student’s name has been changed to respect privacy*


  • help us reach our goal 50% 50%


Water is our most immediate need. We need it because we need to drink and we are thirsty. Please help us donate millions of gallons of water.

  • help us reach our goal 50% 50%


Water is our most immediate need. We need it because we need to drink and we are thirsty. Please help us donate millions of gallons of water.

  • help us reach our goal 50% 50%


Water is our most immediate need. We need it because we need to drink and we are thirsty. Please help us donate millions of gallons of water.


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We recently celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child! This day is a chance to shine a light on the reality that girls around the world face every day, as they struggle for education, equal rights, and a voice. Hope Beyond is dedicated, every day, to educating and empowering a generation of girls that will rise up stronger, ready to empower others and someday be the change in their own communities. Join us in shining a light, in letting these girls’ voices be heard.