Every August, Just One Africa starts another year of involvement in local Forsyth County Schools. Amy Churchill began sharing these stories and programs with the students in local middle and high schools a little over 6 years ago.  The presentations have grown into what is now referred to as “I Am One” clubs at many of the middle and high schools in Forsyth and several schools outside of the county.

Gabi Roveri, a teacher at Liberty Middle School, said that she overheard her students sharing with classmates after a club meeting.  They were telling their peers, “…we made a difference in the world today by providing clean water to people in Africa {Kenya}.”

One of the main purposes of the club is to provide a hands-on opportunity for students to become globally aware and to take action regarding some of the challenges that people around the world face.   Students not only learn about the problems but also become a part of the solution as they serve alongside their peers with our Beads for Water program.  This hands-on service activity is part of each club meeting. The students help us string our beautiful paper beads into bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and fabulous Christmas ornaments!

Last month a student at South Middle School said, “I can only be here for a few minutes, but I wanted to use those few minutes to provide clean water.”

These children are our future.  You’ve heard that saying before, probably in a Whitney Houston song, but it is the truth.   This generation of young adults care about their global neighbors and they want to make a difference.  They are so much more connected to the world’s citizens than any of the generations before them.  They want to be part of the change and to help with injustices.  They want to secure a better future, not just for themselves but for the world they live in.   These students are CHANGING THE WORLD by providing volunteer time before school once a month.  The giving community they have created is strong and students in the club feel connected locally and globally to students their age.  By providing TIME, students are learning how easy it is to make a difference.

Jordan, a student at Forsyth Central High School, said, “My favorite part about Just One Africa is that we get the opportunity to work with an organization that goes above and beyond Forsyth County, helping those in need across the world.  I immediately felt a sense of family and friendship as soon as I got involved with Just One Africa.”

In learning to serve others with their hearts and hands, students come to understand that JUST ONE person can change the world personally.

Want to learn more about the Just One Africa organization and the Beads for Water program?  Visit  www.justoneafrica.org/clean-water today.  You will find information on supporting this local nonprofit, becoming involved, and even shopping for good!