So much more than giving Clean Water
Stephanie at Valley Light Home distributing water filters

I had the most wonderful opportunity to work with the directors of Just One Africa, Clay and Amy Churchill on their most recent trip to Kenya. What they do is so much more than giving clean water.

Working with them, I learned about how much their organization relies on building relationships in the communities they work in. These relationships grow and open new opportunities to further the cause to not only give filters to clean water but to inform. In every place they distribute filters, they also educate the community, explaining why the water is unclean, and how it affects the community, and how they can solve the problem with the water filters. Even listening to Amy explain the raw data she has collected, how communities and families with these water filters no longer have water born disease, was astonishing. I was so moved during this trip.

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Being able to help support this organization was a true blessing to myself, and to the community, I was helping! As I would hand each person their filter, I watched the gratitude on their face. I know that even though I was helping Just One house or Just One community, it was reversing a time old issue.

I am so grateful for all that Clay and Amy Churchill do, and I am so happy I was able to be part of furthering their mission; to help all the people of Kenya by reaching for Just One!

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A review from Stephanie Vu. She traveled to Kenya with Just One Africa on an Experience Trip in June of 2017.  Read the original review on posted July 9, 2017.

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