The lenkai High School Vision

A high school in a safe, trauma-informed environment that will be a center of excellence, providing the highest level of education, diverse extracurricular activities, and opportunities to form and inspire the next generation of leaders to rise up and be world changers in their respective fields of expertise.
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Lenkai Christian School Background

The Why

The Problem

In 2010, our partners John and Dorcus Parit moved out of Nairobi, the capitol city, back to their small hometown of Kimana in southern Kenya. Their hearts broke with the reality they encountered of young girls who should be in school, but instead are being forced to undergo harmful traditions ending up a child bride with a life of pain and abuse.

Challenges in accessing quality education:

  • Transportation costs to and from school are too high for families
  • School systems are not set up with or trained in trauma-informed care
  • School fees and school supplies are out of reach for families to afford
  • Young ladies are at risk for being taken advantage of by male teachers
  • Local high schools are at capacity making students travel far for available classrooms
  • Young ladies are more vulnerable to harm when traveling long distances to and from school
  • Students are leaving high school not prepared for the changing world around them

The Solution

A vision for a school was birthed and an elementary school opened in 2013 providing children in the community access to quality education right where they live. John and Dorcus continued their work in the community, providing rescue to children in crisis and a safe place to receive care, counseling, and the love of a family. The school has grown dramatically over the last ten years. They are rapidly outgrowing their space as the demand exceeds their ability to provide education for all those in need. There is a big waiting list that grows daily.f pain and abuse.

Solutions provided by access to Lenkai High School:

  • Expand access in the community for quality secondary education
  • Focus on character development and educational rigor
  • Expose students to unique opportunities that provide deeper learning
  • Build a strong foundation for students to grow from body, soul and spirit
  • Encourage student-led initiatives that lead to purpose-filled lives
  • Facilitate a movement of servant leaders who will change the future of Kenya

Project Scope and Fundraising Goals

The How

The Future (where YOU come in)

The high school will continue the heartbeat of the elementary school and provide a safe, trauma-informed environment to learn from the inside out. With only two main high schools in the area, this high school will bridge the gap by helping 600+ students complete their secondary education while finding support to personally develop their character and skill sets for a future that moves forward!

We expect that in 20 years, the community will have more people who are educated and are embracing healthy practices that bring flourishing to the overall community. This will be a community where people lead fulfilled lives because students have the tools, training, and character necessary to live a purpose-filled life.

Join us and Move Futures Forward, just one student at a time!

Phase 1 & 2 Goal:


(Raised $326,000!)

These phases will involve:

  • Master Plan and Design – In process
  • Land Development – In process
  • Water and Electricity – Borehole drilled, waiting tower and electricity
  • Security Fencing – In process
  • Building First Structures – TBD

Phase 3 Goal:

Coming Soon

 This phase will involve:

  • TBD

The Whom

Mary’s Story

In the heart of a remote Maasai village in southern Kenya, Mary, a young girl, faced a future that was bleak and terrifying. She is a very bright student aged 15 with a twinkle in her eyes and dreams that extend beyond the boundaries of the remote village she comes from.  After completing her primary school education, she earned an incredible 350 marks, guaranteeing her a slot in a county high school. In this community, unfortunately, many people, including her father, still hold on to harmful cultural practices as a deep-rooted tradition.

Mary’s fate was sealed, her father deciding to adhere to a long-held tradition that would cause her to undergo female circumcision and then be sold as a child bride. Due to hard economic times and the great expense of high school education, he decided to follow tradition. He organized for his daughter to undergo the harmful practice, a practice she knew very little about but feared greatly. As tradition would dictate, once this happens, a girl is labeled to be a woman and ready for marriage. Mary was circumcised and married off to a man her father’s age never to return to school again…

OR with YOUR support to build a new high school in her community, this could be Mary’s future:

Before the harmful tradition could happen, Mary decided to break free from the cultural chains she was about to be bound in. She orchestrated a well-thought-out plan to run for safety. Mary left home and ran for her life over 10 kilometers to the local chief’s office. The chief called our local partner, Dorcus Parit, and explained Mary’s situation. Dorcus immediately went and rescued Mary at the chief’s office.

Dorcus received Mary with open arms, fully understanding the immense courage she had to escape. They traveled together to join the Hope Beyond family where Mary would receive counseling, care and protection, and access to trauma informed education. Having just opened our doors to the new Lenkai High School, Dorcus was able to enroll Mary in Class 9 giving her the opportunity to pursue her educational dreams.

Mary immediately immersed herself in her studies, determined to make the most of this precious opportunity. She is a quick learner, brilliant, and excels in every exam. Since the school’s beginning, she has led the class, which has now over 60 students, getting an average of an A- grade. Mary has also become more confident and has shown great psychosocial growth since she joined us. Her dreams have begun to take shape, and she aspires to become a lawyer, providing legal care and fighting for the rights of girls and women.

To think that this bright future we see for Mary could have been cut short, is just a distant memory we want to fade out. We now focus on how we are moving a future-forward, not just for her but the whole generation that comes after her.

YOU can change their story!


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