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Published: September 25, 2019

Truett Cathy said, “Be better before you get bigger.” We have been working diligently at improving our systems, programs, and communications so that we can continue to grow in healthier ways as an organization. Our arms and hearts are overflowing and we have needed some strategic help to expand and keep growing our impact. We are thrilled to share with you that in July we hired our second full-time employee, Christina Hightower as our Program Director.

She is an answer to prayer and the piece to the puzzle we have been missing for several years. Christina had been volunteering with Just One Africa for 5 years as the host for one of our most successful school clubs and joined us in Kenya this summer on our Experience Trip!

As a teacher for 19 years with a Masters in Education, she has facilitated the learning of a generation of children both in the classroom and as a media specialist. Her outgoing and friendly personality comes from years of work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She is a little bit eccentric, embraces the joy of laughter, believes that a smile is the same in any language, can always be found with a book in her hand. She loves teaching others – especially topics she is passionate about.

As Program Director of Just One Africa, Christina is able to connect to students through the organization’s educational programs. She is better positioned to reach out to our local community and those around the country interested in our work. She is also now the contact for our sponsorship and volunteer programs.

She hopes to build a bridge of learning for all ages to instill the education of the head, the heart, and the hand – something she learned while attending Berry College. She holds strong to the belief that reaching JUST ONE truly makes a difference and that JUST ONE can absolutely change the world.

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