Opportunity and Hope for the Future
The Churchill's and Olhava's in Kenya on an Experience Trip in 2017

I am so grateful for the experience I had with Just One Africa in Kenya last month. My wife and I led a group from our church to join Just One for two weeks in Kenya.

Our church had previously given to some projects of theirs over there and now we had the opportunity to see first-hand what we had given to.

First off I must say that the Churchill’s are an amazing family that truly love people, and through their organization, they are doing many great things. I am very impressed with their local partners in Kenya and how they are strategic in what they choose to invest in. Just One is so much more than just water filters! Through local schools, children’s homes, and other partners the next generation is being blessed and given greater opportunity and hope for the future.

Two of my favorite places we worked at were Lenkai Christian School and Valley Light Children’s home. The leadership at these places are wonderful people. Just One has been working with both of these places towards sustainability.

We were able to see the water well that my church donated towards a year or so ago as well as biofuel generation and farming practices that will provide sustainable provision for the kids they serve and the surrounding communities.

Thank you Just One Africa!

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A Greatnonprofit.org review from Josiah Olhava. He and his wife along with their son traveled to Kenya with Just One Africa on an Experience Trip in June of 2017.  Lighthouse Christian Church has been a supporter of Just One Africa since 2015.  We are so very grateful for them. Read the original review on Greatnonprofits.org posted July 7, 2017.

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