ONE*ders Spotlight: Rose Salensky
Rose Salensky is a Just One Africa Volunteer

To say that Rose is a “Jack of all Trades” would be an understatement – because Rose can do everything and MORE.  As a Just One volunteer for over 5 years, Rose has become one of the company’s main product developers.

She has developed everything from ornaments, to necklaces, to wine charms…and she isn’t stopping with her creative designing and assisting in making so many of our products.

Rose volunteers every week and loves making our beaded products – star ornaments, crosses, earrings, and necklaces.  She recently created and made our new line of beaded chokers (on sale at all of our November and December events).  

Mama Rose continues to volunteer because she believes in the Just One Africa mission and she’s seen the care and concern that Amy and Clay have for the widows and orphans of Kenya – she’s seen it first hand!  In 2015 Rose took an Experience Trip with Just One Africa and was able to teach and care for the people and children. She’s a strong believer that the sustainability projects empower the people to grow. “Anyone buying a product from Just One can fully know that their money is going to help real people help themselves.” It’s a key element in the Just One mission – provide the opportunity for others to be independent!

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Rose is a frequent Wednesday ONE*der and loves teaching others how to make beaded products.  She’s a great teacher and knows that no matter what your skill level is, we’ve got a job for you!

Check out our Upcoming Events page for Volunteer Opportunities.

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Changing the world. ONE person at a time…


Your support can change the world

Together, we will create hope, re-write futures and change the world.

ONE person at a time.


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