Just One Africa’s vision is to inspire the individual to effect change, resulting in thriving communities with access to clean water and with the capability of providing for their basic needs.


Building food security is critical to reducing monthly spending and dependency on others. It has been amazing to see what is possible when our partners have access to water, put in place good leadership, and work the plan to build their internal capacity to provide for their own food needs. They have gone from being a dependent consumer to an empowered provider and supplier to local markets. Improvements like drip irrigation have been a game changer reducing the amount of water needed, less weeds are growing, and crops are multiplying with more efficiency. Food for the children at the rescue center, the school lunch program, and the remainder is used for animal feed! They are literally growing their own resources month after month in their own fields. 


Taking what you know and using it to serve you and others is an example of how our partners are constantly utilizing their gifts to serve and grow their impact. Caring for animals is something very common in Kenya, and our partners use their livestock programs to reduce funds needed for buying milk and eggs if they can provide their own while selling the extra creating additional revenue streams for their important programs. Recyling the organic manures from the animals into the gardens replenish the soil ensuring nothing goes to waste. In additional caring for animals can be very therapeutic to children from hard places as they learn to give and receive love and care touching deep parts of their heart.

Water Kiosk

As the cleanest water accessible in the entire area, our partners borehole has a high demand with a reach that is growing everyday. It provides jobs to local water sellers who collect water and distribute to areas quite a distance away. Local families and business have personal water meters providing consistent income which covers the cost of running the borehole and allows additional support to be directed to critical needs at the school.


Our partners have incredible vision and understand where the pain points are in their community. They also have key insights in how solutions need to be implemented to see real change and lasting hope become a reality. Often that kicks off with investing into a project that can be built upon and grown over time providing lasting internal support and empowerment towards a better future! The deep water borehole dug in 2015 at our partner’s school was one of those empowerment projects that continue to provide internal support for needed programs as well as a host of other benefits to the community!  


We believe one of the greatest steps towards eliminating poverty and its root causes is to invest in education. Our partners are dedicated to providing quality education in a trauma informed environment for boys and girls. Our sponsorship programs provide the needed school items and cover school fees to remove barriers to vulnerable children. We invest in relationships with their teachers and vision for the school’s impact in the local community. 


Clean water access is critical, but so are sanitation facilities. We address the clean water crisis our partners are facing through points of access, good hygiene training for students and staff, and by supporting sanitation projects. 

Trauma Training

As we started the journey towards sustainability with our partners, we have deepened our commitment to wholeness and growth in all areas. As much as we value good project updates, our “why” is people and we have a strong desire to see flourishing from the inside out. We believe it is important to sustain wholeness and not brokenness. This is why we work with a trusted trauma training partner who comes alongside our partners, their staff, and the children in their care to provide trauma informed trainings, healing groups, and individual counseling services. We have seen how this has made all the difference for those we are serving

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