Just One Africa’s vision is to inspire the individual to effect change, resulting in thriving communities with access to clean water and with the capability of providing for their basic needs.
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Why Sustainability Matters

Our organization’s foundation is based on respecting the rich culture of the beautiful people of Africa and recognizing that the African cultural and societal frameworks surrounding relationships are critical to the success of Just One Africa’s ventures.  Locally based partners are in a better position to understand and navigate social, political, and economic issues impacting projects; they are more adept at leveraging local financial resources for cost-sharing in projects; and it is also more cost-effective when implementing long-term projects than expatriate staff.

We understand that African culture is based on relationships and community, and we wholeheartedly embrace this by prioritizing people over projects. From this place, we have witnessed remarkable expansions and impact as we work towards a common goal of bringing what we can to the table and allowing each other’s voices to be heard and part of the more incredible solution. Our cooperatives enable unique ideas, deepen community relationships, and multiply essential resources to be shared in accomplishing the greater goal. For these solutions to be long-lasting and bring about the desired impact, it is imperative to have clear communication and accountability.

meet Agricultural John

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It is crucial to build food security in order to reduce monthly spending and dependence on others. It has been amazing to see what is possible when our partners have access to water, establish good leadership, and implement a plan to enhance their capacity to provide for their own food needs. They have transitioned from being dependent consumers to empowered providers and suppliers to local markets. Innovations such as drip irrigation have significantly reduced water usage, minimized weed growth, and increased crop productivity. The food produced is used to feed children at the rescue center, for the school lunch program, and as animal feed. They are consistently growing their resources month after month in their fields.


Using their vast knowledge to serve themselves and others is an example of how our partners constantly apply their gifts to expand their impact. Animal care is common in Kenya, and our partners utilize their livestock programs to save costs on purchasing milk and eggs by producing their own. Selling the surplus generates extra income for their crucial programs. Recycling the organic manure from the animals into the gardens replenishes the soil, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Moreover, caring for animals can have a therapeutic effect on children from challenging backgrounds, helping them learn to give and receive love and care, which touches deep parts of their hearts.

Water Kiosk

The borehole belonging to our partner provides the cleanest water in the area, and its popularity is increasing every day. This water source creates job opportunities for local water sellers who distribute the water to distant areas. Many local families and businesses have piped water from the borehole with personal water meters, ensuring a steady income. This income helps cover the costs of running and maintaining the borehole and provides extra support for critical needs at the school.


Our partners have an incredible vision and a deep understanding of their community’s challenges. They also possess critical insights into how to implement solutions to bring about real change and lasting hope. This often involves investing in projects that can be built upon and grown over time, providing enduring internal support and empowerment for a better future. For example, the deep water borehole dug in 2015 at our partner’s school is one such empowering project that continues to provide internal support for necessary programs and other benefits to the community.


Investing in education is a crucial step in eradicating poverty and its underlying causes. Our partners are committed to offering quality education in a trauma-informed environment for both boys and girls. Through our sponsorship programs, we provide necessary school supplies and cover school fees to eliminate barriers for vulnerable children. We also focus on building strong relationships with their teachers and enhancing the school’s impact on the local community.


The availability of clean water is crucial, but access to sanitation facilities is equally important. We are tackling the clean water crisis by providing access points, offering hygiene training to students and staff, and supporting sanitation projects for our partners.

More Kenyans have access to safe drinking water than to basic sanitation. Only 25% have hand-washing facilities with soap and water at home. It is essential for the survival of children to have access to safe drinking water, basic sanitation, and good hygiene practices.

Trauma-Informed Training

As we embarked on our journey towards sustainability with our partners, we reaffirmed our commitment to holistic growth in all aspects. While we value project updates, our primary focus (Our “WHY”) is on people. We are dedicated to promoting well-being from within. It is crucial for us to support wholeness rather than brokenness. To achieve this, we collaborate with a trusted trauma training partner who works with our partners, their staff, and the children in their care. They provide trauma-informed training, healing groups, and individual counseling services. We have witnessed the positive impact this support has had on those we serve.

Trauma-informed training recognizes trauma symptoms and their impact on individuals, communities, and systems. It aims to develop a framework for creating safe and nurturing environments that allow individuals to provide care in a trauma-informed way.


“If you give me water, there is nothing I can’t do” – John Parit

This quote was from our Partner, John Parit at Hope Beyond, when we were discussing the possibility of raising funds for a deep-water borehole.  Their farm had been losing crops to the nationwide drought, they didn’t have water for the livestock, let alone enough water for the house and all the children who live there.  It was a serious time for them and the possibility of having consistent water was very exciting.

In early 2023, Just One Africa provided a deep-water borehole, including a solar-powered pump and a steel storage tank on a high tower.

John fulfilled his promise and the farm is thriving!

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