Water Filters empower women
Your support towards our Clean Water Program supports our amazing follow team that goes out weekly into the community serving those who have received life-giving water filters!
We want you to know that these water filters are empowering these women to care for their families making their homes safer and providing a consistent source of clean water for all their needs. Just listen to this incredible feedback we just received from our team on the ground all made possible because of YOU!
“I can’t get enough words to express my gratitude to the people who offered us these filters it’s the best thing we’ve received in a long time. Before we used to live by grace since we didn’t have any clean water around our area.
We could never buy a white cloth because we couldn’t wash with the water from the dam because it’s muddy and full of wild animal urine. But now am happy because I have enough clean water for every use.
I use a big tank to fetch filtered water then I transfer using a pipe for uses like drinking, washing utensils, cooking, washing clothes, and any other thing that needs clean water.
After I filter my water I disconnect my filter to avoid breakage due to the goats that stay inside my small house and redo the process when I need more water.
May God bless you and give you even bigger ones to help us even more”
We are happy to report that the filters are of great help to the people of KUNJU and with their new creativity they can filter as much as 120liters of clean, safe water per day.

“…it’s the best thing we’ve received in a long time.”

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