What Can Happen When We Say Yes?

Published: April 26, 2019

In January, a parent from Westminster Christian Academy, in Huntsville, AL, joined us on a trip to Kenya to learn more about our partner who runs Valley Light Home and what a partnership would look like.

That trip launched months of essential discussions in preparing and planning an intentional journey for their school. It would bring about a good understanding of our global neighbors, how to build healthy friendships, supporting one another in discovering who we are created to be, and working towards changing our world JUST ONE person at a time!

With much anticipation, the journey moved forward last week as we met with the head of the upper and lower schools and many other staff. We were so impressed with their approach to education and we even had the opportunity to hear directly from one of the high school students addressing his peers during the Good Friday Chapel. It was evident that these students aren’t just receiving a high-quality education but also internalizing what their purpose is and what role they can choose to play in the bigger picture.

We were invited to share our story and work with two 4th-grade classes (thanks to Unseen for an awesome school video) and then facilitate our Beads for Water Program as part of their Economics Unit. The students were amazing, as well as, the incredible support from parents, staff, and administration which was much appreciated. The children learned about global issues, geography, science, math, economics, and discussed important topics such as problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking.

We then led them through the hands-on portion of being a part of the solution. We helped them understand how choosing to use their hands, head, and heart truly is what makes the difference for others and that they CAN change their world JUST ONE person at a time!

A BIG thanks to Virginia Lynn (and to Westminster Christian Academy) for her dedication to this journey and all the ways she has paved the way for her community to grow, learn, and impact the world around them. We are excited about this partnership and know that the best is yet to come!

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