World Changing Students at Central High

Published: October 30, 2019

Fundraising can often seem like a daunting task. Many people feel too overwhelmed even to begin thinking of how they can raise money for an organization, but that isn’t the case with the “I am One” club at Forsyth Central High School.

When club president, Noelle Iglesisas, learned that our partners at Lenkai Christian School wanted more cows, she made it her club’s mission to raise the money for the cow before the end of this year.  You see, this isn’t the first cow that Noelle has fundraised for. While in 7th grade, she raised enough money for a cow in just three days. When she met John and Dorcus (director of Lenkai Christian School) in April of this year, John was able to personally thank Noelle for her efforts to raise the money for the purchase of the cow.  He explained to her that the school no longer had to buy milk due to this purchase. Saving this money allowed for many of the unsponsored students to have their school fees paid for. With the purchase of a new cow, the school will be able to sell the milk to turn a profit and cover the school fees of many more students.  

Noelle, with the help of all of her club officers (Jordan, Emily, Hanna, and Emma), created a t-shirt to be sold for her fundraiser.  Noelle and Emily developed the design and colors for the shirt. They contacted the t-shirt company and handled all of the ordering. Once they explained the fundraiser to the club, each member had a mission to sell at least five shirts.  

After a month, the club reconvened and tallied up its sales. With donations and shirt purchases, the club could provide enough money for the cow, vet bills for two months, and food for a month. Each club member was proud to have been a part of this life-changing purchase.

Did we mention that this is the first year of this club?  It’s amazing what students can do when they are supported by their teachers, school administration, and each other! These students are changing the world – what a bright future they are creating for their global peers!

Note: Guest blog article written by Emma Humphries, a student at Forsyth Central High School.

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