World Health Day – Special Thank You

Published: April 6, 2020


April 7 marks World Health Day, and because of COVID-19 this one is not like any other in our lifetime. COVID-19 respects no borders, no skin color, no religion, no placement in life.

For the first time in several generations, both developed and developing countries face the same enemy, at the same time.

Doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, and so many others are putting themselves in harm’s way as they do their best to save lives.  We want to give them all a shout-out and say THANK YOU!

World Health Day was created to raise awareness of the need to improve global health. Learning about global issues can be as easy as turning on the news or reading on Twitter – but do you know how to combat global health issues? At Just One Africa we believe that it can be as easy as starting with ONE.

Did you know that in 2012 the WHO reported that more than 50% of the world’s hospital beds were filled with people who were sick from water-borne diseases? Almost a million people die of illnesses caused by organisms that thrive in water sources contaminated by raw sewage and lack of clean water. This number has greatly decreased over the last 20 years due to improved education and support to create change in areas that lack proper facilities and resources to conduct good hygiene practices.

Our Clean Water Programs were created to end this crisis through the distribution of water filters, training, and hygiene education. You can help support these programs via the link below.




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